Our culture is from origin very happy. We love to dance, party and eat. It’s in our blood. The annoying part is, our country is poor and there are some rotten apples in our society have a lot of power. And when you are poor and you are a bad person it’s very easy to take control. Especially when you get help from the outside.

Because we are quite poor there are no real laws, everybody can almost do what they want as long as they pay the right person the right amount of money. It’s corrupting our beautiful country.

The fiesta, party scene in Mexico goes way back in time. It’s an old tradition where the boy asks the girl to dance. And you better dance good as everybody is looking at you. I am so proud of my culture, and I am so proud of my people it’s unbelievable.

I will give a list of the most important days soon. Of course the most memorable one is Day of the Dead. This large festival have been covered in large Hollywood movies, unfortunately always with a negative sense to it. For example the James Bond movie you associate the movie with the first killings and explosions of the movie. Then in the latest Batman v Superman movie you relate it to a large building fire. Never ever do you relate it to something nice, fun and colourful like we intend it to be. Perhaps it’s just with the people who are programmed, looking rather things dark than light.