Raton is my little hometown in New Mexico. The place where I woke up every morning smelling the great cooking from my mother. Running downstairs to be the first to get the best enchiladas from the table. My brother and sister who already were older were already spoiled and rather laid in bed.

But he, their loss right. Our little hometown is nice and quiet and it looks a lot like America already. Long roads with large billboards next to the road. For me it’s important to keep the culture and don’t try to look up to America that much. First find out what your goal in life really is, some say money but you have to look further, what money will lead to, exactly happiness.

And for me the Mexican culture is actually all about happiness. Why would we otherwise like music, dancing, good food and enjoying each others company so much. I’m sad that Mexico has such a bad image. Yes it’s true of the couple of things that are happening but it’s also happening in other places but our country is always put in a bad daylight, it truly hurts.

Raton is our small little city, and has an average of 25 degrees celcius. Ha, why I’m using Celsius? Because it makes way more sense than Fahrenheit.

0 Celcius is the point of water which will be freezing and 100 Celcius is the point of water boiling. Easy as that and as simple as that. Mexico should adapt this.