The book of life

I will discuss one of the latest and most beautiful movies featuring our precious Day of the Dead festival. This is Book of life. And no hombre, don’t worry, I will discuss all the other ones as well for example the James Bond movie, the awesome videogame Grim Fandango.

But first the movie. This movie brought tears to my eyes, it’s beautiful and really well made. The music is great, and the love between the two brothers is touching. I would very much suggest you watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack.

The movie starts of in the present where a teacher is trying to teach the children a bit about love. As love is the strongest power in the entire world, deep inside you know that. Read the stories and listen to your friends transform the moment they found love or worse when they lost their love. Did you know that a broken heart is not only an expression but a real thing. When two lovers separate, for example because the man or wife passes away this could hurt the person so much that his heart can be broken. Or did you ever read about an old couple who were together for so long and only passed away 7 minutes apart from each other? Amigo, that’s true and pure love.

In the movie, it’s about two friends who both love the same girl and they will do anything to get her attention. One an active guy and a more passive guy who is a musician. Who will get the girl, and which path they will take, you have to find out yourself and see the movie.

This movie gets an A.